About Bone Lee


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About Bone Lee

Bone Lee’s lifelong passion for tasty and tantalizing foods combined with his belief that everyone is a Chef in their own kitchen is the inspiration behind the Bone Lee® Gourmet brand. Handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients available, the signature flavor of our special proprietary blend of peppers and spices transforms every dish from ordinary to exceptional. The combinations and pairing are as endless – So go ahead, be creative and Get Your Bone On!

The Early Years

Making hot jalapeno jelly with his grandmother from peppers picked fresh from her garden, and trying to master his granddaddy’s sausage gravy recipe are some of Bone Lee’s most cherished childhood memories. During his teens his interest in gardening and cooking grew, and around the same time he started collecting hot sauces from all over the world. Taking home economics classes in school he learned more about food science and nutrition, and in college frustrated with the lack of available hot sauces on the market offering gourmet ingredients along with providing the perfect balance of flavor and heat, Bone Lee set off on a mission to create his own.


Bone Lee Guitar


Stealing the Show

Several years and numerous batches later, Bone Lee relocated to south Florida with his dog, his guitar, and his perfected hot sauce recipe in tow. He began bottling it in his home kitchen, and as a local musician used his gigs to promote and sell it. Very soon his hot sauce was taking center stage at performances and the demand for his personal recipe from fans, friends, and strangers was more than he could handle as a one-man show. Once restauranteurs and chefs began to notice he knew it was time to have Bone Lee Gourmet Original Hot Sauce produced for the masses.

Slay Everyday

Thanks to our loyal customers, the popularity and success of our Original sauce and the Bone Lee Gourmet brand has grown substantially over the past 9 years. In response to many consumer requests for both milder and hotter versions Bone Lee has been slaying it in the kitchen once again. As an introduction to our highly anticipated and fully expanded product line currently in creation we are proudly releasing two new sauces in early 2019, Bone Lee Gourmet Mellow, featuring all the flavor of our Original sauce without the tingle, and Bone Lee Gourmet Reserve for that mouth-scorching shot of fiery heat every chili head craves!

Stay tuned – The best is yet to come!

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